sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

Muscular Dystrophy

I sit here and stare
at a pedigree tree
If the two parents of the couple
were brother and sister,
what is the probablitiy
that the couple's first child
will be an affected boy?
I think and I think
I write and erase
I daddle and doodle
and I finally realize,
who the fuck
is sick enough
to mate

viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

Van Gogh

Last night we witnessed Van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone. We sat atop a cold crooked cement cylinder that only a giant could climb. We're not very big people, but our spirits must have been that night. Dangling for life, we overlooked the pier, and the pier overlooked the black ocean, and the black ocean overlooked us. In place of the moon, there was a green light, blinking sporadically like the DSL signal of our modem. But unlike our modem, we never lost connection.

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Musical Musings


go limabeans: girl in LA
shinokuu: friend of go limabeans


go limabeans (3:25:19 AM): Paulina trusts Fernando
shinokuu (3:25:28 AM): hahhahah
shinokuu (3:25:34 AM): man thats funny
go limabeans (3:26:03 AM): I know, makes me laugh every time I see it written in my notebook
shinokuu (3:26:21 AM): if you ever lose that notebook
shinokuu (3:26:28 AM): that would suck
go limabeans (3:28:46 AM): Yea it would
go limabeans (3:29:00 AM): All my thoughts
go limabeans (3:29:06 AM): It's really interesting to look back
go limabeans (3:29:09 AM): on stuff you write
go limabeans (3:29:10 AM): years later
shinokuu (3:29:30 AM): for me, i like to forget the past
go limabeans (3:30:06 AM): Why is that?
shinokuu (3:33:22 AM): i dont know
shinokuu (3:33:33 AM): i just never really think about my past
shinokuu (3:33:39 AM): probably because you cant do much
go limabeans (3:34:13 AM): you can't do much, but you can learn a lot


shinokuu (3:56:52 AM): when im thinking, i usually listen to music
shinokuu (3:57:05 AM): i think thats my way of "writing"
go limabeans (3:58:25 AM): Do you have any songs that come up frequently?
shinokuu (3:58:58 AM): there is one song
shinokuu (3:59:01 AM): that ive been listening to
shinokuu (3:59:17 AM): all good things come to an end - nelly furtado
shinokuu (3:59:20 AM): sad song
shinokuu (4:00:20 AM): it's not what i normally listen to, but it just stood out
shinokuu (4:00:53 AM): whenever i listen to it
shinokuu (4:00:56 AM): i just think
shinokuu (4:01:03 AM): all the things that happened to me
shinokuu (4:01:05 AM): past, present
shinokuu (4:01:11 AM): good things do come to end
shinokuu (4:01:13 AM): they never last
shinokuu (4:01:34 AM): you try to make the best of it


shinokuu (4:08:05 AM): is there a song that you listen to a lot
go limabeans (4:08:34 AM): Yea lots
shinokuu (4:08:47 AM): is there that one particular
shinokuu (4:08:52 AM): that you cant get your mind off of
go limabeans (4:09:18 AM): Eleanor Rigby
shinokuu (4:09:28 AM): ah beatles
shinokuu (4:10:35 AM): what comes out of your mind?
go limabeans (4:11:27 AM): A mumbo jumbo of stuff
go limabeans (4:11:30 AM): like
go limabeans (4:11:50 AM): how many people are lonely in the world
go limabeans (4:12:11 AM): and no one really notices
go limabeans (4:15:27 AM): we are so adept at putting on disguises
go limabeans (4:15:45 AM): that no one knows how we're truly feeling
go limabeans (4:15:56 AM): and on our deathbeds we realize we are alone in that manner
go limabeans (4:18:36 AM): I listen to Lola often too
go limabeans (4:19:10 AM): it kind of scares me that i listen to it so often
go limabeans (4:19:29 AM): esp since it's about a tranny
shinokuu (4:19:39 AM): oh really?
go limabeans (4:19:56 AM): Yea haha


shinokuu (4:31:03 AM): i think music are like people
shinokuu (4:31:14 AM): whenever we have a problem or a roller coaster of emotions
shinokuu (4:31:19 AM): we generally listen to music
shinokuu (4:31:23 AM): because we can relate
shinokuu (4:31:43 AM): we listen to music when we don't have anybody to talk to or rant to
shinokuu (4:32:14 AM): you feel better because somebody is going through the same thing
go limabeans (4:33:35 AM): yep
go limabeans (4:34:51 AM): Music is the universal language

Dec. 28, 2008

viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

I like even years

I like the world when I'm half-awake, half-asleep, and ten-percent-logical.